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In star legend 2 there is a powerup that can be found that I added because I found the game to be too difficult with the way it plays normally.

It can be found at the very start of the game, its the second to last room (I think) on the right. when you go inside there you will have to fight many foes to reach it, but youll know when you got it because star 77 will say "Oh yeah i got it".


In star legend again There is a secret at the end of level 5 where you can slide between 2 sawbaldes, if you keep heading south-west you will find a secret alluding to the fact that I was making a johnny fangame at the time.

The star legend remake was made because I really didn like the original so I remade it in Game maker and removed all of the assets that I didnt like

fact Grapes the wizard is not my charater, Its my brothers. he made it as his terreria character one time, and then i decided to make a game about him.
fact Sally 5 was originally going to be named sally in kubusworld. This can be enforced by the use of the red lights originally seen in johnny 1. it is also the most graphically different from all of the sally games up to that point.
fact Sally 6 Does not use the same engine as 3,3 and 1/2 and 4. it just uses the same graphics. There are Lots of secrets in this one, Some are random chance based so keep and eye out for things that seem abnormal your second time trough.
fact Sally 7 The bootleg, originally not supposed to be a sally game, but a mario bootleg fangame based on the mario 3 for megadrive and mario 4 for the megadrive. the biggest tell for this is the music and how it changes everytime you die.
fact The original sally 8 was meant to be a compilation of all the past sally games using the same engine and of course one new game. It was also suppost to be the finale but i never finished that version and instead we got "sally 8 The end?" if you have found the secret at the start of sally 6 then when you enter familiar territory in sally 8 do the same thing to find yet another secret! Keep diggin bitches.
fact Sally 9 has LOADS of secrets! allmost all of the levels have some sort of secret in them some even reference the frequent plays of sally. So who knows? if you play enough sally you might end up into one!
fact Based on a dream i had about the very same monster. The 40 unique stages have yet to be beaten. CONTACT ME if you beat this game and you will get the true bad city reward.
fact This game was made the the "Completly wrong game jam" (Not really) I actually had almost the entire game complete before I submitted it to the jam, I also made this game in about a day and a half
fact Look out for spookymen!
fact There is a demon in this game, he is called LOADER THE LAIR, you will know when you come across him as he will gove you a wet willy and spit in your eyes.
fact I got banned of Glourious trainwrecks because i put the words "Bitch" and "Cunt" in its description, as they were deemed to be misogynistic, which is news to me.
fact The first game I made entirely on my laptop, as opposed to a tower pc. All the graphics were made in macromedia fireworks 8.
fact I made this game because I ate some really really good chips, the place where I got them from has since closed :(
fact I forgot to program it so then when you restart the score sets to zero, you can keep playing for infinate points, you only lose when you cant see anymore.
Fact The voice at the start is accidently my shitty strongbad impression, I made this game to see how fast I could make a game play while still making it playable
fact This game was spawned from a nightmare I had, it was almost 100% accuratly recreated here, there is a combination for the code, but what is hidden behind isnt exactly somthing I deem to be worth it anymore .
fact Once again based on a dream I had, if you are a farmer I dont hate you, I only hate these specific farmers alot. After making this game I got a shirt that says "Hotdog shotgun cheeseburger" on it. The main character is the alternate dimention version of Land of games's Uuuu
fact the sequel to Kill All farmers, The doctors in badcity are bastards and dont know how to their job. The 3d section is completly original and made by me, hence why its still quite buggy, I also wanted to make the 3d section more substantial but I couldnt think of anything to do.