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While you might not be fond of my games, you have a much higher chance of liking my music! so why dont you give some of it a listen? Click the thumbnails to download :)


Made in quite a hurry for the "completly wrong game jam" actually has some pretty good tunes in it. Oopsie daisy crusaders - 2020
Rauul Flips flops and Finale are the most notable songs from this soundtrack, but the others are still pretty decent. Rauul - 2020

There are no bad songs here, all 3 are full time classics and I really enjoy listening to them. NoseMilker2 - 2021


Features one of my best songs "Fourtune cookie factory" which I have remixed manytimes, Lots of good vibes here, another one of my favourites. Farewell 2 - 2019

fw3 Not as good as Farewell2's OST but it does have some features that become staples in my works, such as the miniboss/minimoss theme. Has a more gamey feel. My favourite is black hole factory Farewell3- 2020

My best soundtrack 100%, nothing will compare I really put alot of effort into these and it will remain as my best soundtrack for years to come... Unless? Sally 9 - 2020

sally10 My biggest soundtrack for sure, mostly because its made up of unused songs from old unfinished projects, they are still good songs though and you can even hear the minimoss theme here! Sally 10 - 2021
monsterbox Monsterbox is my first album made just to be an album, give it a listen and perhaps buy for £5, its my biggest achivement and I hope you enjoy.