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Welcome to the first installment of the Millixo 2 Devlog, Here I hope to keep updated with the lastest Millixo 2 news, It is by far my largest project and already has a fair bit of content. This explains the lack of new games recently as my focus has been on Millixo 2.
In this game Millixo's locomotion is different since his debut, he still retains his original method of attack but has lost his horizontal floating abilities. I belive doing so has made the levels much easier to create and much more interesting too as I can impliment quicker.


The first public image of Millixo 2

Why is millixo collecting crosses? You'll have to see!

Lots to unpack in this image alone hehehehehe, I didnt purposly crop out the floor, its just off frame and at the moment just red boxes, not very interesting... The two shown snakes are enemies of the first world, two of THIRTEEN! all already done. I have the first two bosses done aswell, the second boss has their design finalised but im still not sure on the first one, I will discuss that in the next post. the game is probably about 15% complete at the moment, still lots of graphics to create and music to make. I wanted to leave it awhile before showing any of Millixo 2 because im prone to scrapping big projects like this, but im really really confident this will come out. See you next update! :)